• ancient-meat-revided-va-a-tribute-to-cold-meat-industry-gatefold-lp

ANCIENT MEAT REVIVED (v/a) - A Tribute To Cold Meat Industry - Gatefold 12"LP

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- 350gsm Gatefold Jacket With Gloss UV Lacq Finish And Inside Flooded In Black - 140g Black Vinyl - Limited To 1000 Copies - Released In Cooperation With NWN! Productions --- Sinistrous Diabolus - Sacrifice (Aghast) Spire - Death, Just Only Death... (In Slaughter Natives) Temple Nightside - Winds of a Lost Soul (Arcana) Grave Upheaval - Necrose Evangelicum (Brighter Death Now) Antediluvian - Sephiroth (raison d'être) Vassafor - Infernal Affairs II Doom Legion Ultra (MZ.412)
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