It is with deep sadness that we have to announce that IRM VII, initially planned to take place at "Bourbon Room" and afterwards at another venue has to be definitely cancelled as the owners of this other venue just informed us on 21/11/2023 by SMS that they also cannot host our festival.

It seems there are someone or some groups that have taken as their mission boycott this year's fest and therefore, even after trying during today to find a last minute venue that would welcome us, we just decided, after much thought and conversation with some local promoters to cancel due our concerns in regard the safety and healthy environment in Oporto for our guests and bands playing as we cannot nor have the means to assure such people will not keep harassing and stalking everybody involved (bands, staff, venues, guests and attendees).

We can assure we tried our best before we made this difficult decision and had many sleepless nights to sort everything out but again, there is someone also working relentlessly having sleepless nights to be sure the fest doesn't happen.  

Since most attendees are coming from abroad, this has been our main concern rather than the refund of tickets and losing all the money we already invested in the fest. We really didn't want to leave people hanging nor disappoint anyone, that is really screwed and is what is really bothering us and taking our sleep as we do not even know how to make it up to you all but these are circumstances truly beyond our control and there isn't anything else we can do.

Please feel free to reach out to us to request your refund, we can either send you a direct refund or give you a credit in the store.

Also if you have any questions just reach out and we will gladly answer all your questions the best we can.

We cannot save your ticket for a next edition as we did previously during covid cancellations as this year IRM is not postponed, it is really cancelled and we cannot guarantee we will ever organize it again in Oporto.

To those who bought the t-shirts, if you still wish to have them we can ship them out as they were already done, if not we can refund them as well.

That's all and there isn't much more we can do or say right now, this time they won.

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