CODEX KNOSTIKOS: Lightning Strikes Over the Western Skies

DOUBLE CS (Store Exclusive / Band Exclusive) + T-SHIRT | OUT ON: 06.03.2022

Art by Depravarts.

SIGNAL REX in conspiracy with PABM is proud to announce this USBM collaboration “Codex Knostikos: Lightning Strikes Over the Western Skies,” a 4 way split with Elegiac, Slegë, Oneiric Eclipse, and Silvanthrone.

11 tracks born from many schools of black metal occultism, united under the poisoned banners of the USA.


As Spring thunder roars across the states, a remnant murmuring of primordial sorcery, power, and destruction can be heard betwixt cracks of lightning on high…

The void has opened unto us; a thousand eyes gaze upon thee in endless forms.

Some from the South, some from the North.

Some from the East, some from the West.

Occult aggression bubbling forth like mixtures in a cauldron; an esoteric attack on matter itself…






#codexknostikos #elegiac #silvanthrone #slegë #oneiriceclipse #pabm #signalrex #signalrexrecords #unitedstatesblackmetal #usbm

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