EVIGHETENS - Sørdlyset Tempel, out this september on CD & Vinyl!

Signal Rex is proud to present "Sørdlyset Tempel" an audial compendium from EVIGHETENS short life, now immortalized on CD and VINYL.

"This minimal black metal tracks are orchestrated under a majestic and instrumental vibrations “Evighetens” relive the southern lanterns, ethereal and eternal enchantment from invernal tombs, later this and the band was buried and forgotten.

Since its beginnings with “Glemt Skogens Riket” we have maintained a devoted compositional line from perpetual cold of our southern lands, the melancholy from old legends submerged into desolated place of twilight, thus... for years it will remain in memory." Lord Valtgryftåke

NOTE: The vinyl variant DOES NOT include the ambient tracks due to vinyl length limitations! These tracks ONLY appear on the CD!

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