On December 21st internationally, Signal Rex is proud to present Spectral Corruption's highly anticipated second album, Requiem, on CD format. The vinyl and tape versions will follow next year.

Formed in the cursed year of 2020, Slovakia's Spectral Corruption burst from the void fully formed with the debut album Colorless Rays of the Sun. Although at the time only available on Bandcamp, the album nevertheless caught the attention of Signal Rex, who soon released the tape Promo 2021. Crimes were then put in motion for a new Spectral Corruption album through the label.

Now, to round out the ruinous year of 2022, it is here, bearing the title Requiem. Indeed something of a lament, feeling fixed and finite, Spectral Corruption's latest full-length bristles with a despair that can only suggest infinite misery, malodorous and miasmic: a vacuum of violence where melodic/majestic riffing gets broken down and blown out. Mainman Verminitar (also of Cryptic Vampire and Spheral Void) howls into that vacuum, drunk on his own power/misery but drowning within it all the same. That he ends the album with a Lamp of Murmuur cover indeed underlines Spectral Corruption's place within this uprising of modern RAW black metal.


1. Preludium

2. Atrocious Insurrection

3. Souls of Abhorrence

4. Devotion of Desolation

5. The Destiny Awaits

6. Congregating Hate Into Enrage

7. A Burning Spear To The Heart Of Dawn (Part I) [Lamp of Murmuur cover]

Cover art & Layout by Ainul Iblis

CD out this December, LP & CS later in March 2023.

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