- IDOLATRIA’s Tetrabestiarchy, was released back in September 2020, despising the fact that the release showed up at the beginning on the pandemic state, some, or many of you might have missed it among the turbulent life the world turned back on the days. However, the neither the band or us have been demotivated and thus far we still see IDOLATRIA’s Tetrabestiarchy as one of 2020 highlights, so other than trying to catch your attention to listen to their second album, we want to tell you that a new EP is about to come. Tracks and Master is done, artwork provided from COLD POISON and the final arrangements, will be shortly put together by Alejandro’s HERESIE STUDIO.

For now, discover Tetrabestiarchy at the band’s Bandcamp and you might purchase all variant formats there or from our web-shop.


- FUNERAL HARVEST’s REDEMPTIO, is the title for the debut full length from Norway’s uprising manifesto of DEATH!

Nine tracks of the most genuine, purest, and prime Norge Black Metal, if you were surprised by the band’s debut EP we released back in October 2020, be sure to expect something otherworldly for the debut!

The album is being released this October 2022 in all formats, so, keep tunned for further information.

Meanwhile grab a copy of their s/t ep, either on Bandcamp or the web-shop, most importantly, GO LISTEN to it!!!


- Last week LEGACY MAGAZINE premiered a new track from GRIGORIEN' Magtens Evangelium, out this coming August on SIGNAL REX!

If you missed the premier, you can listen to "Syndens Slegtsbog" in our YT channel.


To resume the list of releases posted on the Weekly Signals #4, here’s an up-date on all of them with recent additions.

>>> July Releases, shipping by mid/end July or earlier:


- DIABOLICAL FULLMOON - The Pagan Wolves Will Rise Again - LP

- WINTERSTORM - Vinterstormener - LP

- RÜNDGARD - Stronghold of Majestic Ruins – CD

- CODEX KNOSTIKOS - Lightning Strikes Over the Western Skies – TS

- TEUFELSBERG - Ordre Du Diable - TS

- WAMPYRIC RITES - In Memoriam... - TS

>>> Shipping now:



>>> DELAYED due manufacturing overloaded work at each printer/factory:

- IRAE - Lurking in the Depths - A5 DIGIPAK CD + DVD

(CD/DVD still at press, last info from 8MERCH is that they should be ready in a week)

- IRAE - Lurking in the Depths - Lurking Box Set

(Everything included on the BOX is ready and here, except for the CD/DVD)

>>> AUGUST releases:

GRIGORIEN - Magtens Evangelium – CD (pre-order now via BANDCAMP)

ARMNATT - Immortal Nature – CD/CS/TS (pre-order now via BANDCAMP - vinyl later)

WAMPYRIC RITES – The Wolves Howl to the Moon - CD/CS/TS (vinyl later)

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