- After the highly acclaimed debut album “Trolddomssejd I Skovens Dybe Kedel”, GEISTAZ’IKA will return shortly with a brand new album, for the time being the whole album is recoded and mastered, the photo session is taking place and soon the layout will take shape in order to be sent to press, expect a massive release along with “Trolddomssejd I Skovens Dybe Kedel” re-press with re-arranged artwork.


To resume the list of releases posted on the Weekly Signals #5, here’s an up-date on all of them with recent additions.

>>> July Releases, shipping by mid/end July or earlier:


- RÜNDGARD - Stronghold of Majestic Ruins – CD

- CODEX KNOSTIKOS - Lightning Strikes Over the Western Skies – TS

- TEUFELSBERG - Ordre Du Diable - TS

- WAMPYRIC RITES - In Memoriam... - TS

- IRAE - Lurking in the Depths - A5 DIGIPAK CD + DVD

- IRAE - Lurking in the Depths - Lurking Box Set

>>> AUGUST releases:

GRIGORIEN - Magtens Evangelium – CD (pre-order now via BANDCAMP)

ARMNATT - Immortal Nature – CD/CS/TS (pre-order now via BANDCAMP - vinyl later)

WAMPYRIC RITES – The Wolves Howl to the Moon -  CD/CS/TS (pre-order now via BANDCAMP - vinyl later)

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