With no introduction needed, the the advanced MCD "Imperial Blood Order" featuring one track from the upcoming debut album “The Rebirth of the Night and the Fog” + one rehearsal song and a cover song is being released this April through HAMMER OF DAMNATION.

This MCD precedes the long due release of “The Rebirth of the Night and the Fog” debut album that will be released this year on CD/LP & CS through SIGNAL REX!

Listen to the track premier here!

In other news, WEREWOLF BLOODORDER's "Sorceries of Blood and Iron", a split with INEXISTENCIA / PROMETHEAN GATE & WINDSPIRIT is out now on cassette format through HAMMER OF DAMNATION, while the LP version is being released this Spring through SIGNAL REX & HAMMER OF DAMNATION.

Listen to the track premier here!

"Wolves of Hatred and War" is the advanced title for the split with German veterans MORKE, due to be released this Spring on limited 7" vinyl, as usual through your's truly.

The re-issue on white vinyl of WEREWOLF BLOODORDER's "Rites of Murder and Sacrifice" is ready and will start shipping during April.

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