While we kick off the year with an astonishing split release, GEIST OF OUACHITA (USA) / ETERNAL TOMB (USA), we are just starting to assemble the remaining releases from our first part of the WINTER STRIKE, this to say that the releases listed bellow will resume to ship by the end of January.

WAMPYRIC RITES - The Wolves Howl to the Moon - LP

MONS VENERIS - Inversados d'Um Abismo de Podridão - LP

AARKANNE - Revelatio - Cass.EP

PONOR - Down the Blade, Down the Spiral - CS

Meanwhile, a couple of other are nearly completed and an route to us, such as the IMMERSSIVE debut EP from SËHT; the vinyl version of the SURPRISLING "best black metal band from Czech Republic" BRAN, seeing their debut being sold in hundreds of copies as an Audio Compact Disk since October 31st; and last but not the least, the long overdue DIABOLICAL FULLMOON promo - rehearsal tape as well the reissue of their debut full-length on CD and Vinyl.

These are the first ones, we hope to have a few more coming out by the end of February, but most certainly during March along with some new releases and reissues such as: GEISTAZ'IKA debut with COMPLETLY new artwork and 3 different vinyl color variants; WEREWOLF BLOODORDER debut on withe vinyl with black silkscreen, Audio Compact Disk & Cassette as well the new SAMMAS' EQUINOX mLP and MOON ORACLE brand new album, being released in all three formats.

Until then, new IRAE, FUNERAL HARVEST & WAMPYRIC RITES merchandising will surface while we keep on the works with tons more of quality releases and editions planned for 2023.

Keep tuned and thanks for your support!

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