IRAE, o peregrino de Satanás!

IRAE, o peregrino de Satanás!

After 15 years, "Spreading The Wrath Of Satan", IRAE's debut demo-tape is now back on circulation to mark one decade and a half of pure hatred black metal! This is where everything began for IRAE, the band's very first release in 2003, and now it's available again 15 years later. During all those years, IRAE have proudly - and prolifically - flown the flag for Portuguese black metal, almost singlehandedly laying down the foundation for the nowadays raw scene which has captured the imagination of many worldwide. Here on Spreading the Wrath of Satan, hear where that special IRAE black magick began: rotten, ruined, and utterly RAW. A landmark release raised from the coffin, to be laid back into the earth on its most fitting format.

Bear with us, the Black Terror Propaganda!

IRAE is also playing live at:

MADRID (Sp) - September 28, w/ VELO MISERE


LISBON (Pt) - October 19, w/ BLACK HOWLING

New IRAE merchandising can be purchased here or at the shows, yet have in mind that both sizes and quantities will be limited.

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