ALBIONIC HERMETICISM - Ancient Hermetic Purity - CD

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SIGNAL REX is proud to present ALBIONIC HERMETICISM's striking debut album, Ancient Hermetic Purity, on CD formats. A new UK entity, ALBIONIC HERMETICISM create a uniquely lurking dread across the 36 mystical minutes comprising Ancient Hermetic Purity, their first public recording. Deeply rooted in the ancient ways of black metal but by no means regressionist in outlook nor approach, Ancient Hermetic Purity creates stark yet somehow dense soundwalls of hypnotic transcendence. Their harrowing surge is both unrelenting and nuanced, evincing desperation and delirium in equal measure, but more often than not, the pulled-back moments create a haunting atmosphere that's penetrating to the core. In their own words, ALBIONIC HERMETICISM is enlightenment by means of hermetic rituals in a North-western European context: the ancient rites and gods of Egypt brought forth by their own pagan European past, a past morphed by centuries of migrations including that of the red-haired Egyptian aristocracy to the British isles - a people blessed with Ancient Hermetic Purity. From within the maelstrom of irrational noise and thought rises a choking fog of reason and order: hereby arises ALBIONIC HERMETICISM's Ancient Hermetic Purity.

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