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OLD BURIAL TEMPLE - His Majesty Upside Down - 12LP (BUNDLE)

Reference: SIGNAL80

Bundle OFFER: LP + Logo metal pin + Logo patch + Sigil patch.

Red 12"LP

Foldover jacket on thick 400 g. black cardboard and silver print!

Limited to 100 pieces.


"Old Burial Temple spoke of absolute mental obliteration, hearing voices, fearing unseeable presences, and waking up and having no recollection of making some of the recordings at all. This wasn’t mentioned to me as any sort of marketing trick or press-release schtick; it was stated matter-of-factly as we chatted over a beer, and from the look in his eyes as he recounted the stranger stories, I could tell he was still scared (and scarred) by what he’d been through."

Mat Blackwell, Blogger

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