MONS VENERIS (Por) - Maléficas Destruições Satânicas - 7EP

Reference: HRVST47

- 40g red on black splatter vinyl

- 300g foldover print 4/1k (inside flooded in black)

- 7"x7" insert print on 270g 4/4k

- Limited to 200 copies


HARVEST OF DEATH is proud to present a special 7" from MONS VENERIS entitled Maléficas Destruições Satânicas. Containing two new and exclusive tracks, Maléficas Destruições Satânicas is being released in conjunction with MONS VENERIS' special appearance at Invicta Requiem Mass IV, set to take place November 30 in Porto, Portugal. As expected, this EP is bursting with the delirium and madness for which this Portuguese cult has made their legend these past 15 years - and rightfully, their place as the elite among Portugal's perpetually fertile raw black metal scene. Ever restless and always exhibiting the highest standards relative to their incredibly prolific nature, MONS VENERIS compel you to destroy your life for Satan with Maléficas Destruições Satânicas!

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