Reference: HRVST49

- 140g black vinyl

- 300g foldover cover, inside flooded in black

- First print run of 200 black records


HARVEST OF DEATH is proud to present a special split LP between VOËMMR and SANGUINE RELIC. Featuring exclusive material from both bands, this special split album unites two of modern black metal's rawest, most stratifying bands. However, linger under no assumption that "modern" means modern: rather, the stench of the ancients lingers over both bands like funeral fog.

VOËMMR occupy Side A and follow the compellingly uncomfort of their latest Sombr Moebrd demo. Underpinned by unnervingly insistent organ with ritualistically tortured vocals atop, their four hymns here take hellish hysteria to new, untread dimensions of the dungeon.

SANGUINE RELIC, for their part, remain the enigma of rawness they've prolifically (and guardedly) been the past handful of years. Blistering, blown-out blackness with otherworldly layers ripe for the unearthing, as well as violent melancholia and nightsky entrancement: very much classic SANGUINE RELIC, thankfully. This split album isn't for you!

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