SABBAT / PENTACLE – Split Picture - 7EP

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The final part of this picture 7"EP trilogy is out now. The Sabbat songs from this trilogy are recorded at their 1997 gig in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Sabbat played the legendary Baroeg club as second date of their tour with Barathrum and Countess.

This particular gig made quite the impression on me as a 16-years old: seeing those unique bands I've been worshipping for some years (after getting to know them through tape trading) live on stage for the very first time.

Later on I got the videotape Opyros of Nazgul's Eyrie/Barbarian Wrath recorded and noticed the sound was pretty good and the idea arose to release some tracks in one way or another. I always loved picture vinyl and this format gave the chance to make something aesthetically nice out of it: split EP's with three Dutch bands that shared the stage with SABBAT, the kings of Japanese Blacking Metal!

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