The Tears of Pyrene: Archaeology, Folklore & Traditions of the Pyrenees

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The inaugural publication of Mons Culture Press, ‘The Tears of Pyrene: Archaeology, Folklore & Traditions of the Pyrenees’, is 278 pages in length and draws on a wealth of sources from across the Pyrenees in order to examine various aspects of this mountain range, many of which have never been translated in English.

Aspects of Pyrenean human occupation (Palaeolithic to present day), bear cults/festivals, witchcraft (including a gazetteer of malefic and sabbath sites mentioned in the folkloric record), animal/plant lore and the traditions of the rural calendar are presented in six chapters, as well as an extensive bibliography of referenced sources.

Thoroughly footnoted and researched, this is an invaluable introduction to the cultures, folklore and traditions of the Pyrenees, and the first of its kind in the English language.

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