Liebknecht - Produkt 1.1 - 12"LP

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liebknecht is techno, dancefloor elements mixed with dark textures,

cryptic messages, eclectic experimental sounds and straight forward

beats, always on the edge between oldschool electro and club culture.

daniel myer's project liebknecht combines his many aliases into a well

composed vision of techno soundscapes. taking his background from

rendered, haujobb, architect & influences from the current clubscene, he

created an epic journey that is distinctly his own. rinaldo bite

provides his uncompromising analogue touch in form of sequences and

sounds. liebknechts debut album 'produkt 1' is released on lenny dee's

techno imprint 'hard electronic' and the vinyl version is out on ván

records & ant-zen. 'produkt 1' has been getting support from thomas p

heckman, black asteroid, aquarian & deapmash, alessandro adriani, the

hacker, workerpoor & david carretta.

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