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Left Cross - Prophecy of Conquest - CS


Clear cassettes, limited to 100 worldwide. Comes with exclusive Left Cross logo sticker and SBH sticker.

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The brand new EP from Richmond, VA’s chaos ascendants, featuring four crushing declarations of death metal victory! Bombarding the listener with riff after punishing riff, LEFT CROSS establishes a palpable pulse from the aptly-titled opening track, “Hail of Doom”, and drags the listener along by the neck as that pulse fluidly flips from stomping to galloping and back again. It is clear that this ferocious five-piece rejects the all too familiar tropes of today’s easily digestible metal of death, like studio-fabricated cavernous “atmosphere” and soporific droning passages, and instead produces something potent that you can grasp onto and carry into battle with fist raised and head banging. The prophecy is set in stone, and LEFT CROSS are destined to conquer. Featuring members of Antichrist Siege Machine, Spite (live), and other reputable defenders of the faith.

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