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Antichrist Siege Machine - Filth of the World - CS


White cassettes limited to 100 copies worldwide. [sold out from label]

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As the world faces the growing threat of an insidious biological force, Richmond, VA black/death metal outfit Antichrist Siege Machine still barrel forward on the offense with a brand new EP, presciently named weeks before the global outbreak, “Filth of the World”. ASM were poised to embark on their first west coast campaign in April of 2020 armed with this four song tape when growing concern forced a cancellation. Despite this inevitable decision, ASM and Stygian Black Hand present this EP as a reminder of what always has and always will exist in this world. If the full-length that proceeds it was a protracted and deliberated assault, “Filth of the World” is an impetuous rapid-fire barrage that hearkens back to ASM’s demo days with quick songs and menacing mid-range screams, but with the finesse of seasoned veterans. On this EP, ASM show they haven’t settled into one formula and stuck with it, nor have they forgotten their origins, but instead continue to build on their foundation, upward and onward with all weaponry aimed at the heavens themselves.

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