NIGRUM PLUVIAM (Fra) - Lueur Jonchee D'Ombres pour L'Eternite - CS


Pro-cassette, limited to 100.


NIGRUM PLUVIAM hails from the French collective La Garde Noire, like other fellow members of this modern concilium, NIGRUM PLUVIAM follows the eternal hatred of christianity and total death over humankind, manifesting itself on: "Lueur Jonchee D'Ombres pour L'Eternite", the first demo-tape now released via SIGNAL REX.

"Lueur Jonchee D'Ombres pour L'Eternite" is a six tracks demo-tape, intense and discordant Black Metal recorded and composed by Kraëh Määtruum in the pit of the forgotten, during winter 2019.

Is now available as a simple black pro-cassette with professional j-card, limited to 100 copies.


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