BESTIAL SUMMONING - The Dark War has Begun - LP

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In this age of redundant re-releases of bands no-one cared about and never will, we are proud to offer the only official vinyl reissue of this timeless Satanic black metal masterpiece and a true piece Dutch black metal history. In order to retain the spirit of the early 90's, this release reflects the orginal as much as possible, and therefore has no modern sellout gimmicks like useless bonus tracks, photoshopped new artwork, rockstar liner notes or other unnecessary stuff.

Recorded back in 1992, fully improvised and in a state of Satanic possession. Together with Funeral Winds, Hekel, Countess and Heretic, this shaped Dutch black metal terrorism. Heidens Hart and New Era present the third pressing, making this piece of possessed insanity finally availabe on vinyl again. Don't support trendy pop-up pre-order labels with overpriced fake "raw" black metal for instragram hipsters, this is the real deal that kicks all posers in the teeth.

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