TERRESTRIAL HOSPICE - Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds - LP

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Gatefold 12" LP version limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.

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Forming in 2018, TERRESTRIAL HOSPICE quickly set to work on their first recording, Universal Hate Speech, which SHADOW released as an EP that year. It’s not surprising that the feverish winds of creativity blew across the duo, as TERRESTRIAL HOSPICE is the work of two prominent members of the black metal scene. There’s no “secret” here, but neither is there any use emphasizing who exactly they are: the filth & fury TERRESTRIAL HOSPICE spit out speaks for itself.

If Universal Hate Speech was a terrorizing tease at a mere ten minutes, then fanatics shall surely find their deathblow with the full-length Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds. Ever aptly titled, TERRESTRIAL HOSPICE’s debut album is a dark, dirty, devastating blast of classic Nordic-style hate steeped in the ancients. Quick, cutting, and caustic, Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds is a freshly defiant sonic holocaust that nods to the ‘90s touchstones of early Gorgoroth, Urgehal, Mayhem, Armagedda, and even the cult Zyklon-B but done with the berserker flourish so endemic to their native Poland. Likewise does it keep reverence for the true black metal spirit at a premium, but is never shackled by it: TERRESTIAL HOSPICE’s hatred is boundless, their targets numerous. There’s simply no submitting to this album; you’re literally flayed by Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds.

Suitably completed by acidic cover artwork courtesy of Revenge’s J. Read, Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds is the beginning of The End: TERRESTIAL HOSPICE want you dead! 

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