TSALAL - The Haze - LP

Reference: STRK

Black vinyl.



"Harsh black metal of the most warped order. No explanations necessary... those who know, know." - Serpents Head Reprisal

All songs written in spring/summer 2015.

Bass/Drums recorded in December '15.

Vocals in '16.

Solos January '17

D.N.E. - Blackout Strings of Desecration, Hunched Chants, Curved Fang

K.S. - Nihilistic Deathsentence, Chaos Injections, Rubble

Cover art by D.N.E.

LP version of TSALAL's second demo. Released through Satanik Reqiuem. 40 minutes of Harsh Noise War Black Metal!

Remastered for vinyl and sounds more audible while still consumed by noise.

On black vinyl and includes an insert containing lyrics and additional art piece as well as a poster of cover art .

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