GRAMARYE - Spellbound in Black Majesty - CS

Reference: SIGNAL159

Limited pro-tape


Rising again from the crypts of abysmal darkness, GRAMARYE prepared the second conjuration of necromantic black metal sorcery, "Spellbound in Black Majesty".

This second tale unfolds the stories of two insidious necromancers, a tyrannical warlord, the armies of the undead, and the struggle for power over the realm of mankind.

Told through five heretical verses that will invoke a lust for undead power in those that thirst for the cauldron’s gruel and since day one followed GRAMARYE path with the feral release of "Necroprophecy"!


Ixtol Balam - Guitar

Lord Ülzetaere - All other instruments, vocals

Artwork by Lord Ülzetaere

Layout arrangement by Woodcutter Illustration


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