RUACH RAAH - Misanthropic Wolfgang - CS

Reference: SIGNAL146

Limited pro-tape!


For a decade now, Portugal's RUACH RAAH have prolifically pursued an uncompromising vision of black metal: martial, punkish, HARSH. Death and Satan have been hailed, and their hymns exude total and utter cruelty. No mosh here and definitely no fun, RUACH RAAH ruin everyone's day with an iron-fisted and proudly monochromatic attack that carries forward the tradition laid down by Ildjarn and left behind by Bone Awl. That they've somehow managed to "develop" that no-progression/all-regression sound over various splits and two full-lengths is somehow astonishing; in recent years, one can easily detect traces of Panzerfaust-era Darkthrone as well as early Celtic Frost.

Now backed by a legitimate label in fellow Portuguese criminals SIGNAL REX, RUACH RAAH strike with their fiercest 'n' foulest full-length yet: Misanthropic Wolfgang. Inscrutably titled, Misanthropic Wolfgang includes a number of very telling titles: "Skulls Cracked," "Ceremonial Flagellation," and especially "Inhale the Smokes ov Hate" and "Filthy Spirit Underground," among others. That the trio-turned-duo have managed to make their signature sound simultaneously more close-minded and weirder is some sort of strange magick; this is undoubtedly the same RUACH RUAH of before and the beginning, but their proto-minimalist canvas takes on transcendental new levels of catchiness and anti-anthem antagonism. Elsewhere, they remain as resolutely old-school and organic as before, belligerent and battering and unmindful of the listener's comfort or any regard for anyone listening. This is blank-slate hate, devoid of meaning except for what the band themselves places upon it. It's very likely not for you.

Turn off, tune out, drop to your knees: RUACH RAAH will make you suffer with Misanthropic Wolfgang. 


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