DUNGEON STEEL - Bloodlust - CD
DUNGEON STEEL - Bloodlust - CD
DUNGEON STEEL - Bloodlust - CD
DUNGEON STEEL - Bloodlust - CD

DUNGEON STEEL - Bloodlust - CD


Limited nobel 4 panel digipak cd!


Hailing from Ecuador's rising black metal underground and including members of the insanely prolific Wampyric Rites, the duo of Dungeon Steel wield lawless blackened speed metal on their debut public recording, Bloodlust. Aptly titled, Bloodlust is both clandestine medieval rituals and sword-swinging bravado made flesh. First came the cassette version during the sweltering summer of 2021, selling out within a week, and now as autumn soon stretches its cold grip upon the land, so does Bloodlust arrive on CD and 10" vinyl formats. Feverish and fun in a most devilish manner, Dungeon Steel kick out the dungeon-metal jams that strictly hail influences from the '80s. The names of very earliest Bathory, Sodom, and Running Wild are invoked, as well as any number of lost New Renaissance cults - but hearing is definitely believing, so drink deeply of this Bloodlust or remain a sober square!


1. Dungeon Steel

2. Kommand Wolf

3. Heavy Metal Tyrant

4. Knight's Head

5. Midnight Nightmares

6. Emperor of the Crypts


Sinister entities of the nightside:

- Vrolok

- Eblis Destructor

- Wampyric Strigoi


  • All music and Lyrics by Dungeon Steel.
  • Recorded and Mastered at Umbral Xtudio / Dungeon Rec. MMXXI.
  • Layout design & Logo by Woodcvtter Illustration.
  • Art: Orion

>> Dedicated to the eternal memory of Vrolok <<


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