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SCORN - Pure Blood Metal (Demo MMXXI)...

SCORN - Pure Blood Metal (Demo MMXXI) - CS

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Pro-manufactured cassette, with silver ink on black cardstock, limited to 100 copies!


Debut demo-tape for the long time veterans from Korea & Japan, once again celebrating the alliance between the Circle of 444 Reich audial terrorism!

SCORN was formed by IXV, keyboardist from Shadows of Black Candlelight, alongside Thy Sepulchral Moon guitarist (I) and bassist player (V) who recorded the instruments for the first effort that was meant to be released as a split LP with TSM, ending up not being released due the obvious reasons.

Such events changed the band direction, and as well, IXV stepped aside with no intent to continue recording metal music in the foreseeable future, since then SCORN was empowered by S.Y from Grizzly Fetish on vocals and additional instruments, fulfilling the gap left behind and giving a new dimension to SCORN music, completing the master work as we now present you "PURE BLOOD METAL"!

SCORN is the second project made by the 4444 members from Japan and Korea, coming out right after their 2017 collaboration - Fogged by Fleshflies (Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes and TSM).


  • S.Y (Grizzly Fetish) - Vocal, Guitar (additional), Keyboard
  • V (Aek Gwi, ex-Thy Sepulchral Moon) - Bass
  • I (ex-Thy Sepulchral Moon) - Guitar (Main)
  • IXV - Vocal, Keyboard  , Composing (no longer active)

SCORN is Harsh, desolated and wrathful Black/Death from Asian Extremists.

For those not aware, SCORN is part of the ultimate Eastern Asia Alliance of underground Extremists under the banner of CIRCLE OF THE 4444 REICH!


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