EXORDIUM - Nihil Inri - mCD

EXORDIUM - Nihil Inri - mCD

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First time on CD, the 7” + live tape total duration c. 50 mins

Exordium was among the early signings of Northern Heritage. In the 90’s, band only recorded tapes that were not in public circulation. Based on these early demo recordings, Exordium was signed on NH and official debut release was self titled 10″ vinyl recorded during late 2000 till early 2001.Exordium was part of line-up on often praised CRUSHING THE HOLY TRINITY 3xLP/3xCD compilation where also Mgla had their first wider circulating recordings.Followed was “Nihil Inri” 7″ (2005) and “Mass Of Bestial Blasphemy” tape (2007), and finally debut full length “In Wrath Principle” LP/CD came out 2008.Exordium played many shows in Finland at the time, until laying dormant (but not dead) until current days. Meanwhile members played in other Black Metal bands.It was decided that their Nihil Inri 7″ must be done as CD version as it was only recordings not existing on CD format. Newly remastered ep with full “Mass of Bestial Blasphemy” as bonus is c. 50 minutes of duration and sold as mCD. Exordium never sounded like many Finnish BM bands of the era. On the ep you can hear the influences from “Blood must be shed” and Emperor’s debut ep, but never copying the style of the bands. It is always cold, fast and razor sharp, relying on utmost stripped down core of Black Metal, with zero theatrical or trendy elements.


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