WINTERSTORM - Vinterstormener - CD

WINTERSTORM - Vinterstormener - CD


Limited Jewel case Audio Compact Disk with 4pp booklet


SIGNAL REX is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Ecuador's WINTERSTORM, Vinterstormener, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The CD version will be released on December 3rd while the vinyl version will follow in 2022.

Originally hailing from Ecuador, WINTERSTORM belong to the mysterious (and prolific) Pure Raw Underground Black Metal Circle, which includes the esteemed likes of WAMPYRIC RITES, RÜNDGARD, Pyreficativm, Funeral Fullmoon, Mantiel 13th Temple, and Gryftigæn, among many others. In fact, WINTERSTORM drummer Lord Valtgryftåk himself is involved in current labelmates RÜNDGARD, Pyreficativm, 13th Temple, Mantiel, and Gryftigæn, and here is joined by equally prolific veterans Wampyric Strigoi (vocals/bass - also in DUNGEON STEEL and WAMPYRIC RITES) and guitarist Bifrous Nocturno.

As WINTERSTORM, the trio erect somber towers of ancient-times black metal, their crenellations dusted with grim fury and medieval majesty, their fortified keep containing dread secrets. After a pair of demos and a four-way split all in 2020, they released their debut album, Vinterstormener, on cassette via Mahamvantara Arts Records earlier this year. A literal blast from the past, Vinterstormener breathes an authentic essence, its sounds transported from decades ago (or even longer...) as their rich 'n' resonant attack conversely creates a melancholia like no other. It's the very definition of nostalgic, in myriad ways...which one you choose is entirely up to you.

Now finally available on CD and vinyl, Vinterstormener has been mastered by Diogo Santana at Noise Portrait - Lisbon. Heartily recommended for nostalgic maniacs of Bekhira, Winter Funeral, and '90s Osculum Infame: brave Ecuador's WINTERSTORM! 

Mastered by Diogo Santana at Noise Portrait - Lisbon, for this re-issue in CD & VINYL by SIGNAL REX


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