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AUTOKRATOR – The Obedience to Authority – CS (with Slip Case)

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Released back in April on CD and recently on Vinyl, Autokrator’s “The Obedience to Authority”, sees the ultimate release on limited deluxe cassette, 50 black cassettes with slipcase hard cardboard and white ink on tape pad! [ After this ultimate pulverizing chapter, there is nothing more to say. With all detractors and opposition silenced, castrated, and beaten into utter submission, The Obedience To Authority ends in darkness and a forlorn stillness beneath the unconquerable foe that is Autokrator. Uncompromisingly calculating, brutal in ideology and twice as cold and murderous in practice, Autokrator have again cracked the whip of supremacy upon the backs of the slave majority in such a way that none will ever question their methods again. Might is right and Autokrator aren’t taking no for an answer; not now, not ever. ] @ CVLT NATION www.cvltnation.com/autokrator-obedience-authority-stream-review/ ]

[ As evidenced by their first, self-titled album, Autokrator’s music is a relentless exercise in endurance: L.F.’s instrumental tracks, a dense wall of inhuman death metal noise, overwhelm and crumble hindrances to dust. The Obedience To Authority is a continuation on this tradition, though with a larger sense of restraint. This album won’t blow out your subwoofers, but Autokrator will still shake you to your core. The sounds of authority, the regimented torture of totalitarianism. Autokrator is Orwell’s dreaded eternal stamping boot, and it will forevermore. ] @ INVISIBLE ORANGES www.invisibleoranges.com/autokrator-the-obedience-to-authority-album-premiere/ ]  

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