DEGREDO - A Noite dos Tempos - CD

DEGREDO - A Noite dos Tempos - CD


Limited to 100 copies, hand-numbered.

- Compact Disc Audio

- Jewel Box standard with black tray

- Booklet for Compact Disc 4-page printed on 180g matte paper


A mysterious entity hailing from Portugal's elite Aldebaran Circle - which includes ORDEM SATÂNICA, TRONO ALÉM MORTE, OCCELENBRIIG, and VOËMMR - DEGREDO have been lurking in the most distant shadows since 2010. Their first demo came in 2012, but the period of 2016-2017 produced the most activity, resulting in extremely limited tapes for HARVEST OF DEATH and the esteemed Black Gangrene. As delirious and dread-inducing as those recordings are, nothing can quite prepare the listener for DEGREDO's A Noite dos Tempos.

A truly staggering work, A Noite dos Tempos is an actual double-album, comprising two two-track albums for a combined hour and 15 minutes of supernatural audial terror. Black metal no doubt forms the basis of DEGREDO's creation, but the band dislocate and desiccate it to such an extent that only a ghostly aspect remains. Truly, the alternately shuddering/shimmering textures DEGREDO employ owe more to ritualistic drone and its satellite subgenres, and yet the unhinged hysteria that results from their stretched-beyond-comprehension tension drive deeply into black metal's most subterranean and latent mysteries.

Suitably, for all this sonic unorthodoxy do DEGREDO utilize unorthodox means, mostly using acoustic and rural artifacts for precision and sound ambience. Likewise, their lyrics are based on rural and ancestral essays, tales from the Serra Da Estrela Mountain and its surrounding areas, extracted from old sayings of their grandfathers and grand grandfathers... In a word, then: utterly ancient.

When black metal has largely become a caricature of itself or at least rote play-acting that's lost any sense of dangerousness or mysticism, here plants DEGREDO's A Noite dos Tempos deep into the earth. Long may its rotten roots extend...


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