VETUSTO - até ao último de vós - CS

VETUSTO - até ao último de vós - CS


- Clear cassette with black inlay

- White ink on tape shell

- Clear transparent-clear case with pins

- Black/White 5 panel J-Card

- Plastic wrapped


From the vaults, Portuguese Black Metal, forged during 2004/2011

Brutal Raw Black Metal, VETUSTO support the ancient feeling of the 80', keeping high the Axe of True Black Metal!

"Although only know surfacing, Vetusto's history dates back in around 18 years, with this demo being recorded in 2004 and 2011.

Conjured by sole member, Negral, with the help of Anamán on drums and guest vocals on the last track, Vetusto release a form of Brutal Raw Black Metal which definitely fits the era in each it was conceived.

Hailing all the old school, "true extreme black/death metal believers", as well as the ancient feeling of the 80's, Vetusto, although clearly taking a more modern approach particularly production wise, definitely resounds with a lot of 80's proto Black Metal demos such as early Imperator (Poland), early Possessed, Necrovore, Von or Törr, but rather with a much more demented and blown-out approach characteristic of early 00's and 10's Raw BM in acts like Mons Veneris, Manierisme or Raw Hatred.

And absolutely unrelenting assault of old school Black Meral riffage delivered at full speed, knife-edge tone and abhorrently destructive, perfectly matched by an absolutely insane drum performance and vocals bursting with hate and evilness."

Rites Of Pestilence 2022



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