REDENÇÃO PELAS CHAMAS - rehearsal tape - CS


- Clear cassette with black inlay

- Clear transparent-clear case with pins

- Black/White 4 panel J-Card

- Plastic wrapped


Three tracks of furious invicta black metal for fans of Kristallnacht, Seigneur Voland, et al..

"Carrying the flame of the ancient Black Metal, a new horde emerges from Porto, to reignite the flame once more.

Playing cold Black Metal like the olden days, always carrying a triumphant melodicism and bucolic melancholic characteristic of bands such as Sombre Chemin, Seigneur Voland, Funeral and other acts of the French Concilium, Redenção Pelas Chamas honors this old strain of Black Metal, while honoring a sound that has been mostly dead in their country in the last years although having been once much alive with acts like Insalubre, Preeminência or Marbh.

An excellent debuting demo, with the same rehearsal-like, raw energy as Seigneur Voland demos, and an excellent guitarwork which is definitely well matched by the energetic, blood-pumping battery of the drums of war, and the harsh, hateful vocals."




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