WAMPYRIC RITES / MOLOCH - The Serpent Cult of Darkness - CS


Ultra-clear pro-tape + j-card w/ black ink on tape shell and cristal clear case


The sanguine suffering of WAMPYRIC RITES and the votive violence of MOLOCH come to bitter black metal fruition, as they conspire to create a fresh rot split incantation by name of “The Serpent Cult of Darkness” that is to be soon unchained beneath the tabernacle of snake seer sorrow. Carving ritual dagger between unrelenting raw brutality and brooding melodic melancholy, “The Serpent Cult of Darkness” is an engrossing journey into the venomous hearts of the necroverse; with both Wampyric Rites’ tradmark terror of lonely tremelo soundscapes and Moloch’s carnal essence of atmospheric synth solace complementing each grimoire of spell grim grume in cacophonous perfection. Encapsulating modern raw black metal in horrendous harmony, “The Serpent Cult of Darkness” leaves no victims of embryonic existence safe from its immolating flames, with only the virility of the celestial ophidian left to engulf what remains of ephemeral reality and those feeble mortals still clinging to its withered bosom.

Promotional prose by @neheroth


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