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Limited to 100 black pro-cassettes with white ink on shell + xeroxed cover!


The Underground most subterranean Black Metal scenery is an ever-thriving cluster of creativity and allegiance to the Black Arts. A recent endeavor of abyssal blackness, Extirpate is an european ensemble that sets 2017 E.S. as the year for its debut release. Demo MMXVII is a mesmerizing blaze of Black Metal twilight, a gleaming void in the form of 4 tomes brimming of atmosphere and shaded darkness. Fast surges of vibrating riffing are intertwined with mid-tempo gashes of hypnotic rhythmic pulse as an offering of well-balanced belligerent intensity and a sense of ambience and spiritual consecration. The voice of unhallowed ensembles works as a spectral fiend behind the instruments, a presence from below and beyond which solemnly excels in offering and enhancing the ceremonial vibe of the general work. Excelling such performance traits, the overall sonic display harvests a perfect set for the musical and audial elements to shine in full strength. A sound which sparkles in its clean and piercing quality yet not avoiding the crude, raw element, a radiating symmetry and equilibrium. The effectively austere artwork works as an accessory to the ritualistic fundamentals in the lyrical content, an unfathomable glimpse into the void of the self and awareness of the divine. Released by Harvest of Death on a professional cassette edition, limited to 100 copies, Demo MMXVII is a testimony to Extirpate’s visceral and genuine virtue and another step in the label’s momentum and devotion to the essence of the Black Metal Underground. (Text by Mario Souto)

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