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ANGRENOST - Magna Lua Ordem Mística - CD

ANGRENOST - Magna Lua Ordem Mística - CD


4 panels digiCD, with 20 pages booklet.


Emerging from northern Portugal in the formative years of the second wave of black metal, Angrenost has been defined not by output but by its unorthodox evolution. With roots planted by Pursan and A. Ara, the project has been a vessel for exploring the evil within man, free from the constraints of the prevailing scene or current trends.

The reunion of Pursan with A. Ara, alongside Erdsaf and M. Skúlason, has yielded Angrenost’s most mature and inspired offering to date: Magna Lua Ordem Mística (“The Mystical Order of the Great Moon”). A work full of bygone tradition, elevated by a mastery of sound, as well as words and spirit that make it shine with a distinct light.

The album invites listeners to walk a contemplative path across the ephemeral nature of existence. It is a narrative of humanity’s voyage from the still waters of the immaterial plane into the mortal sphere of chaos and corruption – a world where the celestial bond fractures and the soul of Man encounters raw embodiments of the diabolical.

Magna Lua Ordem Mística stands at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, blending esoteric lore with the intricacies of composition. It represents a sincere and powerful display of everything that makes black metal an obscure and sinister art form.


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