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Oidhche / Mons Veneris - S/T (Split...
Oidhche / Mons Veneris - S/T (Split...

Oidhche / Mons Veneris - S/T (Split 2024)




"Absolutely brilliant split from thes two blasphemous and boundary-pushing acts of the portuguese Raw Black Metal scene.

Both new and old blood unite in a triumph of the rotten and the diabolic.

Oidhche delivers its second split release, and this material follows more along the line of the "Dallanach Spiorad" demo put out last year. Much more leaning towards drone and noise created by amp feedback and acrid, blistering distortion, but still including the project's early rustic and kooky Black/Punk sound, particularly on the depraved, sloppy drums. Despite being broken into various parts, this sounds like one single track of decimating, demented, vitriolic Black/Noise straight from the gutter for adepts of Rainha Cólera or Total Genocide. Oidhche's side end with a lovely Portuguese anti-bourgeoisie, proletariat call to arms, adapted from La Marsellaise.

The material on the veteran's side is no less harrowing and evocative. One single monolithic 17-minute track of serpentine, demonic Raw Black Metal in the veins of MV's recent releases. Starting off at full speed with his infernal barrages of LLN-influenced Black Metal, and obscure hypnotic melodies, combined by the ritual, shamanic chanting, the track later evolved into a cacophonic Black Noise stygian hell hole certianly reminiscent of the eternal Abruptum, before bursting out again from the bowels of oblivion.

Brilliant as one would expect from the true essence of portuguese Raw Black Metal." Rites of Pestilence

Fullstream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-uS4ZRCR9E

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