RIDE FOR REVENGE - Wisdom of the Few...

RIDE FOR REVENGE - Wisdom of the Few - Cass.LP


- Black (x50) or Trans-red (x50) cassette

- Red / Black ink on tape shell

- Black or Red cassette case

- Full-color 5 panel J-Card

- Plastic wrapped



Second full-length from Ride for Revenge, originally released in 2009 on Harald Mentor's Bestial Burst label. Wisdom of the Few, remains the most lo-fi of their full-length LPs to date, and now for the first time ever, released on proper cassette tape format!

Limited to 100 copies, licensed by BESTIAL BURST.

Both LP and CD is out of print at the moment.


1. Ghostship 01:31

2. Wisdom of the Few 03:22

3. No Saviour No Return 07:17

4. Dungeons of the Original Sin 04:14

5. Dedicated to Destruction 04:49

6. The Key of Knowledge 04:13

7. Passages For Greater Self 02:36

8. Morning Won’t Bring A Twinkling Star 12:03

9. Justification/The Circle Remains Closed 04:06


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