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OCERCO - A Desolação - CD

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Post Black Metal

Signal Rex is proud to present the second EP of one of Portugal's most promising new bands, OCERCO's A Desolação. Set to be released as a special digifile CD nest, limited to 500 copies, A Desolação comprises three seamlessly linked songs of splendor and tension, trance and catharsis. OCERCO's sound stems from the post-black metal canon, but safely eludes the negative connotations associated with such an appellation. More accurately, the band's commitment to textural development and labyrinthine, drawn-out construction signal a strive for more complex corridors of spirituality. From there, A Desolação explodes and recoils, twists and turns, always bathed in an aura of the unknown and unease - and yet, its complexities are ever so subtle and most rewarding. Listeners will find a kinship to bands like Wolves in the Throne Rome, Altar of Plagues, Ash Borer, and the likes, but across the 20 minutes here, OCERCO stake a claim for their own identity. Be ready for the siege - be ready to be taken by nature herself! For further information, shows and other releated issues, contact us at: signalrex@gmail.com.
released February 5, 2016 Recorded during January/August 2015 - Mastered by Sergio Prata Almeida @ Nirvana Studios, Lisbon - Cover artwork and Logo concept by Phill Robinson / Níðhöggr Studio, United Kingdom
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